march first.

well. i didn't end up blogging as much as i would have liked to in february - i just checked and my last post was on the second. but here march is and i can't say i'm disappointed that this winter has been flying by in a way. i've spend many days inside between then and now, but this little girl i've got and the shop to tend to i'm busy as can be!

sometimes i think that no one wants to see the every day things while reading blogs. but in order for this whole thing to work out for me i have to remember to just take photos, post them, share thoughts. this doesn't have to be some perfect. i'm not perfect, so why would my blog be? i felt inspired to dig through my closet today though and find something that i'd nearly forgotten about. (i do that a lot. do you? buy something, and hide it deep in the back of the closet, only to forget about it until the appropriate season to enjoy it has passed.) i did a little digging and found a mustard suede duster/dress that is a little more voluminous than i am used to, and that deserved a little attention!

not sure if this counts as an outfit post, because honestly i didn't wear this outfit anywhere. i just had fun hanging out in the music nook of my front room in it. i am soo not used to showing my face on the internet lately! but there i am. feeling silly but having fun with it.

dress: vintage. traded on etsy - can't remember the shop name. : (
shoes: Bass
cat bag: won it on a blog giveaway from

also worth showing off are some vintage goodies for the babe sent along from Tammy of in a package containing my new swim suit! (which i love.)

i LOVE the little knitted diaper cover and i can't wait to put it on saffron with some of her little baby leggings.

next up on tonight's agenda will be to add some newly photographed shoes and children's clothing into the shop. here are some highlights.

woven oxfords. woven brazilian wedges. size 3T boy's pastel button up and size 4-6T cotton candy acrylic hand knit hoodie sweater.

thank you for reading!