kid's clothes.

i am really excited about the round of children's clothes that i photographed today on a whim. i have been hoarding it for quite some time, so i am glad that it is going to see the light of day and hopefully go home to some good homes.

of coure- while i was going through it i decided to keep a few of the "older girl" items, because really... saffron is growing so quick!

all pieces are going into the shop shortly... 

1. 2T hot pink cropped top with diamond southwest allover print.
2. 3T Guess floral broken in jeans. watercolor and black denim.

3. 5-6T central american wool folk sweater with alpacas bunnies and cactus. 
4. 4T handknit vintage powder blue zip up sweater.

links will be added as i get these pieces up into the shop over the next day or two.

my girl is 8 weeks old today! i can barely believe it's been that long, and then on the other hand it seems like she's been with me always. she is becoming much more vocal, laughing and squealing and just started grabbing our noses haphazardly! as i type she's blabbing away.

i know we're still getting off the ground over here... but thank you so much to my early followers!



shop update.

12 new pairs of shoes have streamed into shop over the past 48 hours. Feels like the first black I've had in ages!

I have some ideas a-brewin' for this blog. I know it's still pretty darn bare bones for the time being, but thank you for reading!



shop update//my turn with dany.

As promised, here is my next post... 99% more about shoes.

Look out for these babies plus more making their way into the shop over the next few days/hours.

Of course when I sat down to start listing just now my computer decided to act up on me, but with an iron will and a baby asleep in her moby wrap, we are going to make it happen.

And while I've got this box open, and I am on this topic, I purchased the oh so blogged about Jessica Simpson Dany shoes yesterday! They have been worn and worn again by fashion bloggers and party girls since they came out last year... and are on super sale over here on the JS site. Mine came out to just over $39 with free shipping when I used the coupon code "20joy" which should be good until midnight tonight.

I realize that having a 6 week old baby, and being in the middle of a Buffalo winter I don't have a whole lot of places to be wearing 5+" heels at the moment, but that won't stop me from prancing around the house in them when they arrive. I have wanted them ever since I saw them pop up on ramonawest's model AGES ago, so for $40 they are mine! All you ladies who are a little behind like me, get yourself a steal too!

Here is an example of the shoes themselves, (I know we all know what they look like- I got the tan ones.) being worn just perfectly.

Black and tan do go together!
photo: source.




First and foremost, happy new year! I know I'm a little late with that but better late than never right? I usually skip the whole resolution thing, but this year my resolution is to get this blog started! If I had started it last year or the year before it probably would just be another vintage style blog. I am horrible at outfit posts, but I tend to eek out around 6-10 a year and share them on one of the other social media outlets I take part in. Because I am officially getting started in 2011, this will no doubt be half vintage shoes/etsy/personal style and half a new mama's brag blog. My daughter Saffron Una was born on December 6, 2010 and I know that there is no way I'll be able to keep my thoughts, and photos of the babe off of here. There are a few other great mama blogs out there that can be appreciated for keeping it interesting for everyone (Cup of Joe & Bleubird Vintage off the top of my head), not just new or veteran moms and I hope to be able to keep that balance here too.

Which brings me to the topic of my first post. (named Una, my girl's middle name. Literally: the first.) Roles. I have played and filled many rolls up to this point in my life, but new mom is definitely the biggest change! Let's flash back a bit to get a feel for the past 5 years or so evolution of my life. (It will be quick, I promise!)

Here is my husband Phill and I on our first date,

Aren't we cute? Phill is 25 here and I am 22 about to turn 23. This upcoming Easter is our 5 year anniversary. I am so glad that in the tangle of white russians and awkward "I like you" small talk I thought to set my little camera down on the bar in Brooklyn that night and snap this photo. Phill had just played a show with his band Knife Crazy and we were shying hanging out and non stop talking into the late night. Moments later I would spill a sticky sweet drink all over my bare legs, we would laugh it off, order another, and eventually share our first kiss. I will have to admit I thought of myself as quite the "bad ass" when we met. I was a foul mouthed, whiskey drinking young lady. Of course we all know I was pink and squishy on the inside, but the years leading up to meeting this man had hardened me a bit and it took some time and a lot of trust to get me to mellow out and wear my heart on my sleeve.

Here we are now,

the rounded out little family of three. It's been a long time coming, and I can barely believe that the youngin's Phill and I were in that red lit photo turned into these responsible adults that balance "real life" (you know, the boring stuff, paying the bills etc.) with being as creative, supportive and loving as possible. No one has ever believed in me as much or as fully as he has and honestly I would not be the person I am today without him. After a few months of long distance dating I relocated to Buffalo, NY, we got married, I cooked in a diner for a few years, started the shoe business, got pregnant and now I am a stay at home mom/entrepreneur. (I told you this was the quick version!)

Now, back to roles.

Lisa Zain on Etsy. (my maiden name.)

Lisa the cellist. (18 years and counting - Phill and I have a project called Red Tag Rummage Sale.)

Lisa Freedenberg. (Wife of Phillip.)

and now... Lisa the mom to Saffron. 

Now I promise my next post will be 99% more about shoes, and less about myself but I thought that a proper introduction was neccessary, and that a little more depth and background about me was also good to throw in. I didn't always have a newborn to obsess about, and I haven't even always had a vintage shoe shop (2 and a half year running!) to be proud of, but that is the place that I am happily in right now, and that I have worked really hard to get to.

Some quick goals for the blog:

shop updates
Buffalo events music/fashion/art related
family updates (with lots of cute husbands, cats & babies)
outfit photos. yes! outfit photos! from me! queen of photobooth. real ones! no! i swear!
travel photos
& of course just my thoughts and findings.

Pressing "publish" is a big step for me I wanted this to be perfect, but I realize getting it out there is more important than never starting. Here goes!

&& thank you so much for reading & do follow if you please!