kid's clothes.

i am really excited about the round of children's clothes that i photographed today on a whim. i have been hoarding it for quite some time, so i am glad that it is going to see the light of day and hopefully go home to some good homes.

of coure- while i was going through it i decided to keep a few of the "older girl" items, because really... saffron is growing so quick!

all pieces are going into the shop shortly... 

1. 2T hot pink cropped top with diamond southwest allover print.
2. 3T Guess floral broken in jeans. watercolor and black denim.

3. 5-6T central american wool folk sweater with alpacas bunnies and cactus. 
4. 4T handknit vintage powder blue zip up sweater.

links will be added as i get these pieces up into the shop over the next day or two.

my girl is 8 weeks old today! i can barely believe it's been that long, and then on the other hand it seems like she's been with me always. she is becoming much more vocal, laughing and squealing and just started grabbing our noses haphazardly! as i type she's blabbing away.

i know we're still getting off the ground over here... but thank you so much to my early followers!



tree and kimball said...

that muffin! those cheeks! good job on that baby of yours - she sure is purty.

Bombshell Bettie said...

oh i love that she's already so vocal! She is so gorgeous! And you know I love a baby clothes update :D
Oh, did you get to use those clothes I sent you at all? She is already so big and I'm sure you had piles waiting for her already teehee

Jessica / Lola Vintage Clothing said...

oh. my. cuteness. I LOVE HER DARK HAIR!

amber said...

lisa! she has the best head of hair i've ever seen on a beb!
ps. hello im amber &following you now :)
in case you want to see my thangs:

Lily said...

You have the prettiest baby!