shop update//my turn with dany.

As promised, here is my next post... 99% more about shoes.

Look out for these babies plus more making their way into the shop over the next few days/hours.

Of course when I sat down to start listing just now my computer decided to act up on me, but with an iron will and a baby asleep in her moby wrap, we are going to make it happen.

And while I've got this box open, and I am on this topic, I purchased the oh so blogged about Jessica Simpson Dany shoes yesterday! They have been worn and worn again by fashion bloggers and party girls since they came out last year... and are on super sale over here on the JS site. Mine came out to just over $39 with free shipping when I used the coupon code "20joy" which should be good until midnight tonight.

I realize that having a 6 week old baby, and being in the middle of a Buffalo winter I don't have a whole lot of places to be wearing 5+" heels at the moment, but that won't stop me from prancing around the house in them when they arrive. I have wanted them ever since I saw them pop up on ramonawest's model AGES ago, so for $40 they are mine! All you ladies who are a little behind like me, get yourself a steal too!

Here is an example of the shoes themselves, (I know we all know what they look like- I got the tan ones.) being worn just perfectly.

Black and tan do go together!
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Sadie Rose said...

OMFG i totally just bought the shoes, too. but i only got an additional 10% off. but still! so hard to find them for less than $100 so thanks mama! so glad you are on the blog team now.