lisa of treeandkimball fame//tumblr love.

i really can not say enough about lisa from treeandkimball. first of all she runs a gorgeous lace jewelry shop as well as vintage shop on etsy. second of all she and i have an EERIE line up of similarities going on such as: same name, same age, same sign, both are vintage sellers, both are married, to aquarius boys, who we met while watching said boys play music. we drive the same car. we love a lot of the same things. 'nuff said. third of all she just put out her spring line of pendants and earrings which are inspired and named after lovely ladies in our community of etsy sellers and bloggers.

she was kind enough to create and name one of the necklaces after saffron!

these are a few of my other favorites. pieces and ladies!

this one, celebrating and named after amanda of off of broadway.

and this one angela of greatest friend's namesake.

i just want to say thank you again to lisa! and please check both of her shops. (i didn't even get into her divine taste in shoes or the oscar de la renta vintage skirted one piece i purchased from her shop while i was pregnant.)

while i have this little window open i would like to take the chance to ask you if you are on tumblr? before i started this blog i got away with having 2 tumblrs for my "blogging" urge. except that you don't have to explain your rationale for posting cool shit on tumblr, you can just post it and move along. i almost use my "personal" one just as a place to store things sometimes and i like it for that reason. each post can be as tiny or in depth as you'd like it to be, and even thought i have started this blog- i plan on continuing to update the tumblogs that i have already. if you have one, consider following!

shoes and ships and sealing wax.
inspirational scrapbook, etsy favorites that aren't shoes, candids & baby pictures.

vintage shoe love  the sister tumblr to this blog. i post etsy shoe favorites from my own and many others shops regularly as well as shoe related vintage photos, as well as photos of my own growing and changing vintage shoe collection.

thanks for reading!


amanda said...

oh how i love my lisas!!!! even though i've never met either of you, i call you both my friends. i love my namesake necklace (and will soon have it at my doorstep!!!) and little saffron's is so very pretty. what an amazing little community we have, huh?

Vintage Seen said...

oh yes that Lisa is fabulous, in the past few months I have so appreciated this 'community' as Amanda above put it, it's so cool so have ladies to ask bunch questions to and know that you aren't crazy...well...;) I don't have tumbler but I often check out other people's, nice blog here lady Lisa!

tree and kimball said...

this is pretty much the greatest thing a girl could ever wake up to find!! twin, you *know* how i love thee (& therefore, little saffron!). i feel quite lucky to call you & all of those fine ladies my dear pals!! ♥♥♥